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Mate Media

Mate Media helps businesses to create a solid social media presence and culture to build relationships with their potential customers and co-workers.

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Social Media Consultants.

Social Media Brand Architecture

Building your social media brand architecture is vital and the first step for every successful social media channel.  

You need your social media Brand Architecture. Just as your brand consists of house colors, the right font, an excellent filter, or fixed templates, the Brand Architecture also involves your campaigns, hashtags, and fixed templates. It is all about being coherent and consistent out there, and it is all based on your vision and mission. 

 If you don’t have one already worked out, we are happy to work out that process with you. 


Visual and written content is essential for your social media management.

Based on our partner’s needs and possibilities, we find the adapted solution for the creation of content. We can provide a complete solution for creating content or working with your in-house providers. Ultimately, we will create and deploy it on the proper channels building the most suitable and qualitative visual presence.

Community & Culture

The authenticity of your brand and its culture is what will create and sustain your community.

Mate Media ensures that ambassadors within your company can be involved in the maintenance of your social media management. They are the pioneers regarding your culture and community building. We bring you and your co-workers on the social media journey through our dedicated workshop. It ensures Authenticity and Effectivity (also cost-related). 

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