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Five passionate team members

Amaury Stroobant

Passion for articulation of partner needs in operational success

Adèle Rasse

Passion for visual creativity and graphic design


Passion for online visualization of a brand or culture


Passion for food and cuddles

A Mates Nomad team

This is us.

With a strong background in the hospitality sector, we have created our own travel company WaveMate (add link website wavemate).

During Covid times, the urge and need for a social media presence became apparent to us. 
First, some friends would ask us to do their social media. Now, we provide that service as full-time Digital Nomads to our current partners.

We do not see travel as a vacation. We see travel as learning from others and other cultures.
We are specialised in working effectively on the road. 
We are convinced that our personal approach with our partners is the one that works.

Often, we encounter social media agencies managing the social pages of companies as an automated to-do list without being aware of what that company stands for and, thus, are unable to build an authentic relationship with followers.

Unfortunately, that is the only way to create an effective online presence. 

Young Entrepreuneurs & digital nomads

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